The #1 smart home automation software for short-term rentals.

Our hands-off solution automates keyless entry, climate control, and Wi-Fi monitoring. We’ll handle technology so you can make guests happy.

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We understand that being a property
manager is more complicated than ever.

Rabbu simplifies your smart home technology so you can deliver remarkable guest experiences.

Featured home automations

  • Keyless Entry
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    Optimize unit access

    Secure your homes and reduce support requests by streamlining how visitors enter properties.

    • Auto generate and distribute unique guest codes.
    • Auto lock doors left unlocked between stays.
    • Auto remove guest codes upon early cancellations.
    • Auto record lock code usage and tamper alerts.
  • Climate Control
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    Save on energy costs

    Energy is expensive. Stop wasting money on heating or cooling unoccupied units.

    • Auto enter energy saving mode between guest stays.
    • Auto adjust home to ideal temperature before check-in.
    • Auto shut off thermostats if windows/doors are left open.
    • Auto record thermostat activity and adjustments.
  • Wi-Fi Monitor
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    Keep guests connected

    Your guests expect great internet access during their stay — make sure they have it.

    • Auto monitor internet and wi-fi status at all units.
    • Auto receive alerts when internet or wi-fi is down.
    • Auto attempt reconnecting to internet during outages.
    • Auto record internet and wi-fi outages and uptime.

For single-family rentals

Standalone homes are spread out and take time to physically visit. Let us reduce the number of trips your team takes to your homes.

For multi-family rentals

Duplexes, quadplexes, condos, and apartments can come with unique setups. We support these home-types without complicated configuration.


Keep a pulse on your daily operations all in one place.

Quickly view which units have check-outs and check-ins today. The dashboard not only tells you when a guest's stay begins, but also when the guest actually arrives.


Manage your unit portfolio at scale from a single view.

View all of your listings and active devices from one clean and straightforward page. No need to separate device management across consumer-oriented apps.


Gain insight into analytics you've never had before.

Get access to a live activity feed so you can see exactly how guests and team members are interacting with devices across your property portfolio.

Our pricing:


Per property. No contracts. No hidden fees.

✔ Unlimited devices.

✔ Unlimited automations.

✔ Unlimited listings.

We support property managers of all sizes. Have questions? Chat with sales

Software integrations

Rabbu is integrated with the top PMS and OTA platforms on the market — connect your account to get started in seconds.

  • “Rabbu is without a doubt the most useful software addition to our operations this year.”

    — Jon, Property Manager

  • “Rabbu works WITH our PMS, not in addition to it, which allows us to own and improve the guest experience.”

    — Marcela, Home Owner

  • “Rabbu is incredibly simple and intuitive, with a user friendly interface that made training our staff a breeze.”

    — Dennis, Property Manager

  • “Amazing customer support. Rabbu treats us like partners, not customers or contractors.”

    — Keith, Home Owner

  • “Pace of new releases is unbelievably quick and each update has provided nothing but more helpful tools.”

    — Alyssa, Property Manager

Frequently asked questions

  • Who is Rabbu for?

    Whether you have 5 properties or 500, your short-term rentals can benefit from Rabbu’s smart home automation software. A wide range of short-term rental businesses work with us—from smaller property owners that want to maintain the consistency of their niche offerings to property managers that are eager to scale their portfolio to the next level.

  • What smart home devices does Rabbu work with?

    We’re built upon the Samsung SmartThings framework, meaning owners and managers can choose from a variety of brands & products when outfitting properties with a smart home set-up. Your specific device needs will depend upon which automation services you are taking advantage of. Check out our help article to learn more.

  • Do I need to buy devices through you?

    No! We encourage you to buy straight from vendors or online retailers so you can get the lowest prices possible. This way you aren’t paying extra to compensate for our inventory or mark-up costs.

  • How do I install smart home devices?

    You can either self-install devices or use a third party installation service. Be sure to follow manufacturer instructions to install your devices.

  • Can I use Rabbu if I only rent my properties part of the season?

    Of course! You can easily pause Rabbu at any time during offseason from your billing page.

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